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Astra srl, present in the market since 1991, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of metal structural work for various industries. A record witnessed by the quality certification ISO 9001/2000 and by the qualification of certified supplier of Electrolux Professional Spa.

Performances that go beyond the excellent quality – price ratio and that led Astra srl to be recognized and respected, also as regards third party work.

The company works especially for the hospital/pharmaceutical industry, for large plants and shipbuilding industry; its flagship product for genius, simplicity, and efficiency is the labyrinth filter for industrial hoods accompanied by countless other pioneering products in stainless steel, electro-galvanized steel, aluminum, or copper.

The main thrust of continuous growth of the company is customer satisfaction that is achieved also thanks to the efficient, professional and helpful labor also present in the two plants of San Polo di Piave.

The major operating results obtained, allowed Astra to start the construction of a new manufacturing facility of almost two thousand square meters in San Polo di Piave, which allows to reach a total area of​over 4000 covered square meters. The expansion of the company is always consistent with its focus on innovation and continues in a strong ethic of compatible development: the new shed is in fact powered by renewable energy sources, via a dedicated photovoltaic system. The care for the environment is also achieved through the gradual replacement of the entire machinery with environmentally friendly models.

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Provided Services

Astra is a competent and fast partner for all kinds of demands in the world of metal structural work. Its production capacity, optimized by years of experience, makes speed and quality our primary objective, to ensure full customer satisfaction.

A constant search for the highest standards of excellence is combined with the punctual and fast organization of ad hoc projects designed and manufactured up to the production and assembly.

For each type of service, in fact, the company makes itself available for the management of the entire supply chain, through the collection of the requirements of use, design, machining, and assembly, also starting from the customer's design. The ability to internally develop the creative and productive processes, thanks to a cutting-edge structure in terms of management and information technology, is able to satisfy any request and accept new challenges every day.

Thanks to a flexible and versatile structure, the company guarantees shorter lead-time of standardized or default products, by consistently adopting the Milk Run system.

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Filters for cooker hoods

The filters for industrial hoods are the field in which Astra srl turns all suction-related needs into products. As with any process, you can request a custom project according to your needs, or a working according to a custom design.

For this field, the company has developed and finalized Sabik, a signature filter for hoods, made with pure stainless steel 304 2B 6/10. The accuracy of its details allows to convey the fumes, condense them, and expel them in a congenial manner, while larger items, such as fats, are collected.

Its particular structure is specifically designed to minimize the use of the suction unit, already working thanks to simple physical rules.

A system of larger cups, the internal angle of 141°/90° and its structure, suitable for any application, in fact allow to reduce the suction power and to increase the ab-sorbed cubic meters per hour at the same time. This way, the management costs are drastically reduced.

An evolved and, at the same time, very simple plant that also makes cleaning and maintenance easy, ensuring a longer life, always with high performance.

The pinpoint accuracy and the attention to detail, typical of the method of work of the Astra srl staff, make this product unique on the market.

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Flat lifting cylinders and basket and tray lifters

Astra makes functional and practical flat lifting cylinders for large catering compa-nies, which allow to always have food ready for distribution, such as to canteens or buffet-restaurants.

The cylinders can be neutral or heated, with standard diameter 260 or 310 mm, making them ideal for pizza plates. The ease of movement can also be increased by turning them to trolleys.

The other flagship products of the company are the basket and tray lifters. Built-in or turned to trolleys, the baskets have a base size of 510x510 mm and can hold up to 50 units.

The making of these products, standardized and cutting-edge thanks to technologi-cally advanced equipment, allows us to keep a much lower cost than our competi-tors and have extremely short delivery times.

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Our metal trolleys are made in multiple versions and workable according to the specific use.

The standard production includes three measurements, but the trolleys are, again, customizable according to individual needs and their structure is perfectly removable so as to reduce the volumetric costs of transport.

The shelves can be fixed or removable and with a lifted edge to prevent overflow and always ensure easy cleaning and safer hygiene.
Intended mostly for large facilities, restaurants, hospitals, or canteens, they are resistant and functional trolleys, always obtained thanks to the skill and efficiency of our skilled labor.

This kind of products, manufactured in a standard form, allows a profitable reduction of costs compared to those on the market, in addition to ensuring the maximum timeliness of delivery.

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Design details for photovoltaic to measure

Astra designs and manufactures details for the photovoltaic industry in general, allowing the installing company a faster and more efficient assembly. The relevant components, completely made with AISI 304, are designed to dramatically reduce plant maintenance costs, ensuring environmental sustainability.

Advanced technology and skilled staff allow to obtain optimum results at competi-tive prices, with constant attention to the needs of the market, always changing.

Our competent and precise technical staff will always meet your requirements and internally produce the best solution with a service that accompanies the customer from design to production.

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Professional furniture for restaurants

Many years of experience in the field of metal structural work, combined with the quality evidenced by the work done for the hospital and pharmaceutical industry, have led the company to develop a line of professional furniture for restaurants.

Made with Aisi 304 stainless steel, the technical furnishing elements share the characteristics of all the Astra products: clarity in the design, great care at every stage of processing, ample opportunity to customize each element, excellent value for money.

Shelving, cabinets, counter tops, tables, each component will be able to adapt to your work space optimally. We invite you to contact us to illustrate you what you need: the staff of Astra srl will be pleased to offer you the best solutions for you.


Astra srl works metals of all kinds, from stainless to galvanized steel, from copper to aluminum.

The machinery of the company allows us to define and follow the entire process of product realization; from cutting the sheet metal on demand, to press bending, as well as finishing the material, all entrusted to the manual dexterity and expertise of our internal staff.

Our manufacturing excellence is born from this close collaboration between professionalism and cutting-edge technology, which reduces production time, improves results and, on occasion, fine tunes them.

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Prima Power Servo Electric Press Brake Ep 1030

The introduction of First Power, innovative servo-electric press brake, allowed for greater efficiency through reduced cycle and set-up times and through high accuracy by using a sophisticated system of tools. Reduced fuel consumption and no mineral oils have allowed greater attention to the environmental impact, in a green economy perspective.

Full information on the manufacturer's website.

Work Center Prima Power Sge

An integrated system of punching and shearing can transform regular size sheet metal in a set of finished pieces separating the waste.

Full information on the manufacturer's website.

Other machines in our workshops

  • Bending press Colgar 718/21 – TAC
  • Bending press Colgar 619/21 – TCM
  • Bending press Colgar PI 316/12
  • 4 welding cells
  • 2 cells cleaning including shot peening

Prima Power Platino + LST


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